Chase Extends Foreclosure Prevention Operations

by admin ~ February 4th, 2011.

JPMorgan Chase announced that the bank was set to open more home foreclosure prevention centers for their customers in California later this year.  Chase’s announcement of new California mortgage help centers was received with warm applauds by homeowners that continue to struggle to make their mortgage payments in the one of the nation’s highest cost housing regions.  According to Legal Loan Relief, rates for mortgage refinancing are incredibly low, but not enough homeowners can qualify with the tighter loan guidelines.  Therefore more foreclosure prevention programs are needed to help distressed homeowners survive the foreclosure crisis.

These home foreclosure prevention centers have taken a unique approach. Eileen Leveckis, a spokeswoman for Chase in San Francisco said, “We started this whole initiative in response to the crisis.”  Chase first opened the homeownership centers in 2009 and they recently announced more expansion in an effort to extend mortgage relief on a local level. In June in Northern California, the bank opened a Walnut Creek center; other sites launched last year in Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

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